Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you teach? Yes! Find a list of my upcoming workshops on my Instagram story highlights, it’s always up to date.

Are you available for commissions?     Yes, I am open to commissions of all sizes.  Commissions start at $100 and go up depending on size and complexity.  Please allow two weeks for commissions, email me to inquire.

Do you sell wholesale?     Yes!  You can find my current line sheet and order form here.

What kind of paper do you paint on?     I use exclusively Arches 140 lb. cold press paper, typically in watercolor blocks.

What kind of paint do you use?     I use mostly Daniel Smith paints, they are very saturated and coarsely ground which results in more intensity and granulation.  Daniel Smith has a line of paints called "Primatek" that is ground from pure minerals such as tourmaline and malachite.  I use these often and believe that they infuse the paintings with metaphysical properties. A local favorite is Case For Making out of San Francisco. Alexis and her team make all the paints by hand and they are beautiful and saturated with lovely texture.  I also love Old Holland paints, they have some nice brand-specific colors that you can't find in other paints.

What brushes do you use?     I use exclusively Isabey brushes, both the Petit Gris and Martre Pure series.  They are made from real authentic sable and they hold more pigment than any synthetic brush ever could.

What paper do you print on?     I print on Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle Rag.  It is the same paper I paint on but coated for inkjet printers.

What printer do you use?     At home I have an Epson R3000 and I love the quality of the giclée prints it produces.  For bigger jobs I use a local printer I love, Solstice Press.  They are a second generation family printer based in West Oakland; it's important for me to use local printers whenever possible.  To find local printers near you, Inker Linker is a great resource.

How do you print your wrapping paper?     I use Black River Imaging out of Missouri.  They have superior customer service and their product is fantastic.  I also use them to print coasters.